I am deeply passionate about capturing stories through photography, drawing from over a decade of experience behind the lens during client shoots. It is a privilege for me to be part of your journey, whether it's your love story, family moments, or new beginnings. My goal is to weave together these precious moments in time, creating memories for you to cherish forever.

Now that you've come this far, you might be curious to know more about me! I adore the balance between urban and rural living, and I share this life with my husband, Michael, and our three wonderful (though sometimes challenging) children. My language of love revolves around quotes from nerdy movies and TV shows, and I find joy in escaping into the world of fantasy novels. One of the best decisions I've made is getting a switch, which has allowed me to reconnect with my inner child in ways I couldn't when I was younger. And if you ever find yourself on a long car ride with me, be prepared to hear me sing loudly to an eclectic playlist!

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Growing up I wasn't allowed to play video games and experience that immersive joy. Three years ago my husband bought me a switch and the latest zelda game - and I was hooked! 

zelda games

Reading has always been a huge part of my life, it was always joked I carried a book everywhere (an impressive thing in the days before smart devices. A good book to me is the best way to unwind.

my books

My husband always jokes that I am good at everything - and he is mostly true. My favorite current pass-time is crochet and digital art, but I also love jewelry making & sewing.

all things crafty

I love being able to spend the morning in a coffee shop, enjoy being a part of something but still being able to observe the world -- along with a great drink and something to nibble.

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some of my favorite things

Do I possess extraordinary Photoshop skills? Absolutely. However, I won't utilize them to drastically alter your appearance in photos (unless agreed upon at booking). My primary objective is to capture the real you, not to reimagine you. I rely on natural light and genuine expressions to maintain authenticity and realism in my photography. Feel free to explore my portfolio to gain a clearer understanding of my unique style.



photography style

trust me, as a mom

i get it

the expectation

the reality of family photos

The whole family portrait was taken using a timer on my phone to snap the picture, but we had SOOO many bloopers. Plus when I was behind the camera, they decided to be silly, which honestly, makes me smile now -- because it is them!


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